We distribute and serve the full range of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions and pumps.
Together with the manufacturers we study the correct and suitable choice of the transmission version in order to develop products which meet the maximum characteristics and performance.
We have all the spare parts available, we have a transmission test bench and we provide a technical consulting service, a repair service and we offer a transmission revision programme.

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Tuff Torq We distribute, exclusively for Italy and Eastern Europe, the Tuff Torq transmissions and pumps, one of the world leaders in the construction of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions for various applications.
In collaboration with Tuff Torq Company, we assist our customers in choosing the best product according to their needs: for this purpose, our technicians constantly take refresher courses and training on Tuff Torq Company products. At a post-sales level, in addition to offering all the original spare parts and the necessary technical support, thanks to the availability of the transmission test bench, we are able to offer a programme for the revision of transmissions, with a final guarantee on performance.


Hydro-Gear We are spare parts distributors and a Hydro-Gear transmission service centre, a world-famous US brand for hydrostatic transmissions, mechanical drives, wheel motors, variable piston pumps and continuously variable transmissions.
We work with the manufacturer to assist our customers.


General Transmissions We are distributors of General Transmissions, a world leader specialised in the production of transmissions for lawnmowers, used by the most well-known manufacturers of grass-cutting machines. We have the full range of transmissions and related spare parts as well as technical advice for repairs.


Peerless Part of the Husqvarna group, Peerless is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions; to all our customers who have a Peerless product on their lawnmower or tractor, we supply original spare parts and carry out any type of repair.