Distribution Division

The distribution division is dedicated to the distribution of components of the best global brands.
Endothermic petrol and diesel engines, electric engines, hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions, pumps, tachometers and hour meters, and high-quality original spare parts for all the needs of OEMs, workshops and dealers.
Wide range of professional products at competitive prices, combined with an efficient logistics and shipping service.

Demal Service Division

Demal Distribution division


honda We are official distributors of Honda Engines, the undisputed world leader in engines for professional use, in strict respect for the environment and the most stringent regulations worldwide. We offer a range of OEM engines for manufacturers, suitable for a variety of uses, we provide pre-sales technical assistance in order to guide the customer in choosing the right engine for each individual application. At the application level, in collaboration with the manufacturer, through our technicians, we carry out the necessary testing of the sample engine mounted on the machine (matching test).
To complete the offer relating to Honda engines, we are able to offer all the necessary after-sales services: offer of exclusively original spare parts, both direct and technical assistance through an engine assistance network.


Tuff Torq We distribute, exclusively for Italy and Eastern Europe, the Tuff Torq transmissions and pumps, one of the world leaders in the construction of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions for various applications.
In collaboration with Tuff Torq Company, we assist our customers in choosing the best product according to their needs: for this purpose, our technicians constantly take refresher courses and training on Tuff Torq Company products. At a post-sales level, in addition to offering all the original spare parts and the necessary technical support, thanks to the availability of the transmission test bench, we are able to offer a programme for the revision of transmissions, with a final guarantee on performance.


Hydro-Gear We are spare parts distributors and a Hydro-Gear transmission service centre, a world-famous US brand for hydrostatic transmissions, mechanical drives, wheel motors, variable piston pumps and continuously variable transmissions.
We work with the manufacturer to assist our customers.


Oppama We are distributors of Oppama's rev counter and hour meter, iable for use on any type of engine and professional quality, so that they can be found in the R&D and QC departments of the best companies which build or use endothermic engines.


Peerless Part of the Husqvarna group, Peerless is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions; to all our customers who have a Peerless product on their lawnmower or tractor, we supply original spare parts and carry out any type of repair.


Yanmar We distribute diesel engines and spare parts of this famous Japanese brand, known for its wide selection of products, designed and built to meet customer needs, safety and satisfaction and in the greatest respect for the environment.


Stens Thanks to a new distribution partnership with this great American company, on the market since 1970, specialising in the supply of spare parts parts for both industrial and garden machines of many brands, we are able to satisfy all customers who need spare parts of this type, with a wide and competitive catalogue.


Briggs-Stratton We work with B&S, a world-renowned manufacturer of engines for various uses, providing our customers with all the original spare parts, replacement engines and the indispensable technical assistance aimed at identifying the most suitable engine for their application.


General Transmissions We are distributors of General Transmissions, a world leader specialised in the production of transmissions for lawnmowers, used by the most well-known manufacturers of grass-cutting machines. We have the full range of transmissions and related spare parts as well as technical advice for repairs.

DEMAL Motori Elettrici

Demal Demal For over 20 years we have been supplying electric engines for the most varied applications, from industrial to construction.
- Single-phase 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole electric engines.
- Single-phase electric engines with high starting torque for compressors.
- Two-phase, 4-pole, 6-pole, 8-pole and 12-pole three-phase electric motors.
- Two-phase two-speed electric motors 2/4 poles and 4/8 poles Dahlander single winding - single voltage, also self-braking.
- Two-speed three-phase electric motors with double winding.
- 4/6-, 2/8- and 6/8-pole electric engines.
- 4/6-pole electric engines for "fan", also self-braking.
- Self-braking 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole electric engines with DC brake
- Two-phase self-braking electric engines with 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles with DC brake, including double polarity or servo-ventilated.
- Two-phase self-braking electric engines with 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles and double polarity with three-phase AC brake
- Electric motors with single-phase or three-phase servo-fans "Demand inverter".
- Three-phase electric motors with Line-Driver or Push-Pull electronics. Three-phase electric motors with single-phase or three-phase input inverters.
- Accessories: Pulleys, switches, electronic circuit breakers, etc.